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Reopening!!! [24 Dec 2006|08:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

[Remember the new link, peeps.]

Salutations, all! I come with grand news!

Just Once has reopened, with nothing new but DNs hahahaha. [That's cos we're still planning, but heck, we can reopen anyway]
Here are the DNs:
- Holiday Wishes feat. Atobe Keigo [by Mitsuko]
- Heart of Sword Chapter 1 feat Kenshin's Shinomori Aoshi, Seta Soujirou, Saito Hajime [by Iori, will be in the omake section]
- Konayuki ~ Powdered Snow feat. Fuji Syusuke [by Lui]
- Everything, Everything feat Nioh Masaharu [by Kei]
- Betwixt Heaven and Earth Chapter 10 feat Rikkai Dai, Hyotei, Seigaku + others [by Kage]

Not to mention, we have one new author through~ Please welcome babysyusuke to the crew~! She was basically semi-invited/approved by Rou-boss before the hiatus. Some of her DNs have been brought over from her site.
- Dark Chocolate feat Tezuka Kunimitsu
- Burden feat. Yukimura Seiichi
- Spoil me in your love feat. Ibu Shinji
- Tell Him feat. Fuji Yuuta

Er...yeah, that's a lot of DNs. We're spoiling you for Christmas, no? Anywhoo, a message from our gracious Mitsuko-boss:

Dear J-O readers,

Thank you very much for your patience through our hiatus. I apologize for our prolonged absence on behalf of the JO staff, and would like to warmly welcome you all back. Please continue to support us because we really do appreciate all your support. Thank you once again, and happy holidays!


Also, a reminder to the applicants for authorship: Remember to send me your DNs by the allocated due date~ As for those who sent the challenges back to me already, we're going through them and marking, but we still need the other novels to make comparisons~ Good luck!

Merry Christmas, all~

PS: No brand spanking new layout cos I've been working a lot =o= But this one wasn't up for a week anyway hahaha.

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Update on "Betwixt Heaven and Earth" [04 Dec 2006|02:28pm]

Hey there people! I know you guys are probably quite busy, but I just wanted to mention that I managed to finish a new chapter (non-DN version) for Betwixt Heaven and Earth, which you can find at the Fandom section of the BC forums. Do read it when you guys can, and I hope you enjoy!

Click here to read if you so desire.
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Delays... [28 Nov 2006|11:37pm]

I'm so sorry everyone! >x<

I finally got back online...so I decided to send a huge apology letter to all those who had placed in applications.
Senpai (Karinui/Saga) got back to me today to tell no one had received them...
After an additional complaint from a  few friends that I had not replied to their emails which I have no rememory of, I realised:


I can surf the net, MSN, etc... fine...but not email...only like 50% of the time... >.>

So, I apologise for the lateness over all. I have so much to apologise about now! >x< *feels terrible*

Due to my emailing problems, I've asked others to get back to you for me instead, so please don't get a shock when you get a J-O related email from someone other than me.

If you wish to get back to me personally, I would be happy for you to PM me at the Just Once forums or chat to me on MSN. My address is fubuki_sakura_1118[at]hotmail[dot]com

The site will reopen in mid December.

I'm sorry for all the trouble caused and I hope you will all understand! >x< *bows*

Karyu Rou / Fubuki Sakura

PS Go admire Mitsuko-chwan's new forum layout! XD
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Oshitari Yuushi DN [03 Nov 2006|01:11pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hello everyone! Lui here once more to give you another DN! This time featuring Oshitari Yuushi.

Since I had a free day from homework today, I thought I might as well finish this request from a LONG time ago.

Escape From Reality - Oshitari Yuushi

I hope you like this one. Have fun, or lack there of, reading!


Just Once has very recently had a layout change. But a lot of us, including myself, weren't aware of it until we went to the site because a certain SOMEONE didn't update here. No names will be mentioned. They know who they are. So, do drop by to read the DN and to stare at the layout.

Have a nice day!


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another update: yagyuu's bday dn!! :D [18 Oct 2006|03:15am]

[ mood | high ]

happy early birthday, yagyuu~!! :DDD

i made you a bday dn! yay XD

zutto soba ni... ~always by your side~ - Yagyuu Hiroshi

the title was taken from one of the songs in Kusuda Toshiyuki (shishido's seiyuu)'s Blue ~kumo no you ni~ album, and if you want to hear it, you can download it here ^^ it's a really nice song, and i recommend you to listen to it while reading the DN ^^

enjoy!! :D


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K NEEDS HELP!!! [and New DN] [15 Oct 2006|06:21pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Oi, peoples...

Anyone got Chitose or Shiraishi images? Cos like...I want some. I mean...it's sad to see Fuji and Yuuta go, but HEY, CHITOSE!!! SHIRAISHI!! Either is good, I've got the same plan for either one hee hee hee. I shall be very grateful, and that makes people happy! [Well, it should.]

Oh yeah, interested authors, don't forget to apply for the Author Recruitment audition-y thing =D here


EDIT: Yoake just sent in a new DN, and I don't wanna post TWICE in a day, so yeah:

Not in the Absence - TezuToast Tezuka Kunimitsu.


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a new shishido bday dn [13 Oct 2006|09:39am]

[ mood | crazy ]

yes, i know i missed shishido's bday. but what the heck, i managed to make him a bday dn

i present you

Shishido Ryou - Courage

beware of.. dorkiness!! XDD

anyway, maybe some of you have read my kouji DN (or not), and i'm planning to make another one with a hyouteimyu boy, and i could not choose from one of these lovely young boys:
Aoyagi Ruito or Takuya
thanks if you can help voting ^^


[RANDOM]OMG! it's friday he 13th!! o.O;;!!![/RANDOM]

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YOU GUYS UP FOR A CHANCE?! 8DDD [12 Oct 2006|12:26am]

[ mood | I HATE LJ! >x ]

Hi everybody!

This is co-owner of Prince of Tennis Dream Novel site Just Once, Karyu Rou speaking to all of you with some great opportunities!! >w<
(Karyu Rou = AKA Co-Admin of Prince of Tennis forum Boy's Cloud, Fubuki Sakura)

As some of you may know, Just Once in the past has held some recruitment competitions.

Due to half of our authors (including me) are in or are nearing busy schedules with exams, school/uni demmands, etc... and due to needing a little more help with certain reader demands, I officially present to you the Just Once recruitment competition! >w< *cheers*

Thank you for the time in reading this guys! >w<

Co-Owner of Just Once:
Rou Karyu
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Atobe Keigo - Play for me [10 Oct 2006|01:30am]

[ mood | lazy ]


Hello, readers of Just Once.

Lui here to make an update. I just finished writing an Atobe DN a few hours ago. I do need some sleep, you know?

It was originally suppose to be done by Atobe's Birthday, but then I skimmed and got lazy.

Atobe Keigo - Play For Me

So, I hope you all like it.

Oh, if you know my writing style enough, you will know what I wanted to happen in the end. But then again, you can have your own different types of criticism.

Also, if you do not read or comment, you will be punished by... THE SPAM MAN!!!

So, DO IT, via order from _KARINUI & I.

I'll leave you now.

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Internet - Marui Bun [01 Oct 2006|03:08pm]

Ok, after updating the main site 2 hours ago, the lj is now finally updated due to someone's laziess. (Not me, I just reach home.).


Enjoy. Comment.
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Rikkai Hakkenden Update [01 Oct 2006|02:00am]

[ mood | sore ]


My right shoulder is about to make my arm fall off in pain =o= so an update before I go to bed and recuperate [cos I can't type for long periods of time]:

Rikkai Hakkenden Chapter 2 is up

More info by Iori on the main page ~.^

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I'm on a roll! XD [24 Sep 2006|10:09pm]

[ mood | I RULE! XD *gets shot* ]


Be proud of me peoplz! XDDDDD *pokes everyone*

I WROTE A DN! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDD <--Over excited person

And now, be thrilled this one isn't a trans! Its presented to you English readers first!!! W00t! XD *waves* <--Is overly proud of herself

A~nyway...I should tell you more about the DN...? >.> *whistles*
After much discussion with the Devil! XD Senpai (ie karinui), I had managed to yet again add more to my 'to write' list and placed a whole entire series to myself... >.>
Following my craze and love for the traditional eras of Japanese history, and my total obsession with Hana-Kotoba/Language of Flowers I present you with: Hana no Sho

Breifly, the series is just a bunch of One Shots of each of the PoT Princes (which ones I will end up writing may change) based in one of the four eras I'm most familiar with; Heian, Sengoku, Edo and Meiji.
The titles and story line will be pretty much based on the flowers and the words/meaning they have.

So here's the first:
Presenting Yanagi Rengi - Shukaido no Sho by ME! XD <--Is still overly proud of herself

This is like a 'side story' from the collab ficlet of Senpai and I, 'Ryujyo Kohaku' and is based in the Sengoku era.
Its a little funny flowing cause it was originally a practice HSC creative writing piece for the Area of Study 'Journeys'...hence the journey setting... >.> *whistles* and was edited to be a DN so...yeah!

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New Sanada DN - Courting an Emperor [16 Sep 2006|01:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Rheah has written Part One of her debut DN!!!
Courting an Emperor, feat. Sanada Genichiroh.

It's FEEEENY and full of crack, go read 8D

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New Authors and so...new DN! [15 Sep 2006|12:02am]

[ mood | hungry ]


Hallo all 8D

ANYWAY, if you direct your eyes to our site [hee] you'll notice how we have two new authors *GASP*

Welcome Rheah and Iori to J-O!

Iori's already enlightened us with a New Multichaptered DN, Rikkai Hakkenden, feat all of Rikkai [Oh yes, Multiple endings, much?] Only Prelude and Chapter One are up though, fufufufu XD You'll find it QUITE similar to Harutoki and the like 8D [well duh, same concept. NOW you're interested, YES YOU ARE.]

Rheah's still in the process of writing her debut DN, but it won't be long, yosh 8D

More info by Rou-boss on the main site ~.^V

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Omake update - Akira's Date Kouji DN [27 Aug 2006|11:44am]

[ mood | curious ]


ANYWAAAAAYS, Akira wrote a gift DN.

at the edge of a confession, feat Date Koji

It's actually in the Omake Section, mainly cos it's not a "PoT" dn XD;;

But related, nonetheless =D So enjoy~

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THE 3000 COMMENT CHALLENGE BEGINS [25 Aug 2006|12:37am]

Um. Yeah. Lui here.

...Click on the banner.

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Betwixt Heaven + Earth Update - Chaps 6 - 9 [22 Aug 2006|04:05pm]

[ mood | busy ]


Due to Rou giving some suggestions on uncertainities we had before, I did a recode: you now can insert names for all the OCs in BHaE. It came across since Japs have been abusing this "many OC" thing for a while, so you know, why not? Especially since Rou was going to pound the names in like whatnot.

Anyway, not only that, but we have 4 more chapters of Betwixt Heaven and Earth. So yeah, go read.

I did not purposely leave it at the climax.

Don't forget about that 3000 comment challenge Lui posted in the previous post >D

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THE 3000 COMMENT CHALLENGE [18 Aug 2006|12:31am]

Hello! Lui here, asking for your support. I am going to be hosting an event that is going to be happening at my journal in a week. I would very much appreciate it if you would click on this banner and participate, after getting some info, of course.

Come on, I know you want to help me. I am giving you an opportunity to spam up my livejournal post! Since I know a lot of you like spamming as it is, I thought this would be a good time to put your skills to good use.

Yes, I was given permission to spam advertise here. Seriously, we don't post on here enough, as quote by vivamente. So, click on that horribly swanky banner already! =D
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New Section + New multichaptered-DN [18 Aug 2006|01:10pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Harlo, this here be a MAJOR update.

Like, really.

Firstly, we have a new section called Collections. It's basically an archive of novels which are part of a collection, or multichaptered, so we can keep it organised, ESPECIALLY for the collections, cos they're scattered everywhere in the normal novels section.

Also, we have One New Multichaptered [ongoing] DN, Betwixt Heaven and Earth, feat Rikkai, Hyotei, Seigaku. Basically, it was originally just written as a fanfiction, but Kage-san agreed to it being a DN, since the actual story is, it was based on Kei's dream, so...it literally is a "dream novel" hahaha [PUN].
Five Chapters up so far, but Kage's actually finished more [10, to be precise] and with more on the way, hope you enjoy it. It has demons and angels and witchcraft and all that cool stuff. STUFF I LOVE, BABY.

I'll put up the next chapters when I'm done coding them tee hee hee [and since you don't wanna be pounded by ten chapters in one go O.o]

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New layout [again] [04 Aug 2006|03:17pm]


not exactly the best layout in the world, but just to break our bday layout trends ~.^

featuring Fuji and Yuuta and with obvious historical hints, like duh. I did that pinwheel myself, so stupidly proud.

Errrrr...yeah, that is all ^o^/"
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